Amsa Couture

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Who are we?

It all started 10 years ago, when I fell in love with modest outfits: the day I wore the veil. At that time, it was so difficult to find modest outfits, while remaining classy and elegant. Sometimes too long, sometimes too short. Not wide enough, or way too wide. Very often, the clothes were not up to my expectations. Since that day, I have always had the dream of being able to offer my own line of clothing one day. Translated with (free version)

Not knowing where to start and especially how to end up with this project, I kept it in a corner of my head. Every day, I saw on social networks, these beautiful clothes for women, and I hoped. Then one day, I said to myself: why not me? There's no point in hoping for something if you don't do the causes to get it. 

So I searched, I questioned, I inquired and finally I found what I was looking for: a workshop that can help me make my project a reality. Each piece has been imagined in its slightest details: the fabric, the cut, the shape, the buttons. I have chosen not to restock, in order to be able to always offer new and unique models.

I created these clothes in my image, starting from the buyer's point of view. I market pieces that I could wear every day. After years of preparation, doubt and stress, I finally had my first creations in my hands, the beginning of a new adventure: AMSA Couture.

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Enjoy your shopping and your visit!

Sana, creator of the brand AmsaCouture.